Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How long will my graphite pencil portraits last?

Well, the first drawings were done in the 1400's.
Drawings that Rembrandt, Durer, and other artists created
in the 1500's survive today.

That is a very long time, but when you take into account
that they did not have the quality of materials that are available today, that is a VERY long time!

When you go about ordering a pencil portrait, the quality of materials the artist uses should be taken into strong consideration. It's not just about price when you are considering something that is important to you and your family history.

I use acid free Strathmore 500 professional grade drawing paper.
I special-order the pencils I use. They are Japanese animation pencils, because I find they have a greater amount of graphite in them. They also have a very smooth quality that I love. I put my pencil portraits in archival art sleeves that I also special order.

So how long will my pencil portraits last?
Considering the better quality materials, if you keep your portrait out of direct light - (light is okay, just don't let strong light hit it continuously)...

A pencil portrait I create for you should last at least 500 years with proper care. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a family member's pencil portrait from so many years ago, handed down in the family? You can start that tradition, today.

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Your Host...Roger B. said...

My name is Roger Baillargeon...

I enjoy viewing Your Blog
(because it looks professional )

Also I want to let You know that
I Appreciate Your work and I really
hope that You bring in more infos
and messages in the near future.

Regards, Roger B.


Darla said...

Thank you for your comments and for visiting my blog, Roger!


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