Saturday, October 20, 2007


I made some changes to the blog this morning. I have been meaning to do some updating for some time now, then I ran across this web article that just repeated what I already knew - my blog had gotten overly filled with ads on the sidebars, and looked tacky. I didn't even need to read the whole article before I decided I needed to make the changes immediately.

I kept a few good ads and put them on the lower left side of the blog, then I thought it would be nice to give smaller businesses the ability to do some advertising here on the Artist Life blog.

There's a little box on the left that says "See Your AD Here" is not pay per click advertising (which can be a bad choice for advertisers because of click fraud) - the little ad box is ads that you can buy for periods of time. You choose by what period of time you would like to advertise.

It is incredibly easy to place an ad, and if you want to put in a bid for another price for your ad, feel free to do that too. If it is reasonable, and your company/product is family friendly, chances are good that your ad will be approved. CLICK HERE if you would like more information on placing your advertisement.

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