Monday, October 22, 2007

Are you a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

We have 2 Cat Persons and 2 Dog Persons in our family.
The youngest two kids, I'm not sure about yet but I think one is a Dog Person and the other is a Cat Person, which will make us 3 for Dogs and 3 for Cats.

How do you recognize whether a person is a
dog person or a cat person?

If someone can handle a dog panting Alpo-breath right in his or her face, well, they are a definite Dog Person. They like everyone.

A Cat Person tends to be more quiet and calm than the Dog Person. Cat People don't like anyone getting right up in their face and panting. Cat People recognize that a human being has to earn a cat's respect.

A Dog Person thinks that cats need to stop being so stuck up.

A Cat Person will spend $15,000 on their cat's kidney operation.
A Dog Person thinks Fluffy's company isn't worth that much money.

A Cat Person thinks it's nasty that dogs poop anywhere with total abandon. They think it's also gross that dog owners need to pick up their dog's 'doodie.'

A Dog Person thinks it's nasty that cats go doodie in a box that you keep in your house.
They also think it's gross that cat owners need to scoop out the cat box.

But we need to come up with a name for a person who is a little of both. I am probably 70% Dog Person and 30% Cat Person.

Overall, I prefer dogs, but we had a cat for 18 years who I loved dearly (although we had the usual Dog Person/Cat disagreements.) We had to euthanize her 2-1/2 years ago. It was an unexpected turn of events, and I had to cry in my car for about 45 minutes before I could drive home. So, maybe I am mostly a Dog Person, but a cat stole my heart.

My dog portraits in pencil
Cat portrait drawn in pencil


letti said...

lol too funny. scary thing is, david is both a dog AND a cat person. Which means we're basically broke and smelly from cat poo.

Katherine said...

I smiled my way through that one! I'm a cat person who like walking other people's dogs!

Thanks for offering support re 'the patient' - it was a lot easier to cope with all the positive thoughts.

The problem with guest bloggers now is the way Google works with the Google Account, Blogger and gmail. Thanks for the offer but it's not possible.


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