Monday, September 03, 2007

crumby project

My 8th grade daughter came to me fairly late Thursday night and casually announced that she needed to make a large cookie (or some kind of food thing) in the shape of the state of Georgia.
Luckily, I had some sugar cookie mix. I wasn't really thrilled for the short-notice of it, but I was secretly happy that I was able to appear to be 'SuperMom' for at least a few minutes.

So we put together an approximately 10" x 10" cookie shaped like Georgia. Georgia is not an attractive shape for a cookie. But there are no round states, last I checked, so we were stuck.

I used my portrait from photo skills to help her shape it. She frosted it with white frosting, while I added some blue food coloring to some more white frosting. My daughter marked all the rivers with a knife. I piped in the blue frosting using some cake decorating tools I have. We put some blue frosting around the Eastern edge of Georgia to stand in for water.

My daughter broke off extra pieces of cookie to create the barrier islands. We hopped on the computer and looked up pictures of Stone Mountain, resized the picture to the right scale for the cookie state. Once printed, she cut it out and we placed it on the cookie. She played with more crumbs to create the Blue Ridge region. While she was doing that, I got some sturdy cardboard and covered it with aluminum foil for a base for the cookie. We moved the cookie over to the base. Of course, because she had this huge, flat honkin' cookie that we didn't want ruined, I needed to drive her to school.

After school, she surprised me by walking in the door with the cookie untouched by hungry students.

Turns out everything had to be labeled, even though the instruction sheet from the teacher said nothing about labeling. I know, I read over the sheet with my daughter and we checked off all the items as we did them, to make sure we didn't miss anything. I was pretty annoyed. I had about 99 billion things that I would have rather have done that night, rather than bake a Georgia cookie.

The teacher told her she could turn it in as is and get a zero, or she could take it back home and label it and bring it back (moldy after the 3 day weekend I guess?) or, she could do the project on poster board. The family took a quick vote and decided to eat the Georgia cookie. Georgia is very tasty. The new project on poster board is hopefully up to standards. I don't want to eat poster board.


Cindy said...

Did she bring up that the labeling wasn't on the instruction sheet? I'd be a stickler.

Nice to know Georgia is a tastey treat! I wonder how virginia tastes.

Darla said...

Hi Cindy!

Well unfortunately by the time your kid reaches Middle School, parents have learned that there is no use trying to use logic to figure out anything related to school LOL.

I have a feeling that maybe the teacher gave the labeling instruction verbally and my daughter was zoning out!


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