Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Art Inspiration week; Day 5 Revisited, LEGO Portraits by Sean Kenney

I needed to make some changes to the previous post about LEGO, and the blog template/editing thingie just refused to cooperate, so I am having to repost it, sorry for the re-run, but at least it's right this time! :) Darla
I had the very nice experience of being able to correspond with today's artist by email recently.

Sean Kenney is a Certified LEGO Professional, one of only 5 in the world!

Sean is a full-time LEGO artist who creates LEGO sculptures and events at a commercial art studio in New York. He creates works for museums, galleries, famous toy stores, TV, magazines, corporations, schools, celebrities, and more

Additionally, he offers portraits in LEGO brand blocks.
After looking at his site, I wondered if he built the portraits as mosaics of sorts, and then took a picture of the portrait and what the client would get was a print. I was incorrect, so I was glad I emailed Sean to get more details. Customers do receive the actual LEGO blocks in portrait form - Sean glues and mounts them to a base and then mails the portrait to his customers. Sean explains, "It's sort of like ordering a cross between a tile mosaic and a painted portrait."

The artworks in LEGO can be framed, hung directly on the wall as they are, stood on an
easel, or so on.

Sean summarized by saying "I am very much a perfectionist and I hope this shows in the professionalism and quality of my work."

Visit Sean's website here: LINK

Here's a YouTube video of Sean being interviewed, and you can get even more views of his wonderful creations. LINK

Just make sure you come back to my blog tomorrow for more neat art stuff! Don't end up on a tangent watching ALL the videos on LEGO on like I tend to do!

I'm kinda bummed out that the only LEGOs I have here at home are the really large LEGO set. It's made for ages 1-3, but I did successfully create a bulky robot once. The problem with that is that I set a precedent. Now my boys request, nay - demand that I produce Mr. Robot again, and I cannot find the piece of LEGO with the eyes on it. We'll need to go sofa diving to find it, I think.

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