Saturday, July 28, 2007

Art Inspiration Week, Day 6: Recycled Materials Art

Just think, you might be throwing something away today that could be considered art!

Well, only if you have the vision to see it as something incredible and the artistry to turn it into something fantastic.


Old computers have all kinds of neat stuff inside them, and by their very nature, their parts make great modern/techno type art.

Alexandromedia Futuristic Arts (Alex Andromeda, pictured) LINK

Computer Parts Art y Richard K. Freund, LINK

If you would like to add some cool computer part items to your daily life, (and who doesn't?!?) here are a few fun things I found.

Any of them would make great gifts, especially for someone who works with computers or just likes a high tech sort of look.

This Hybrid Wall Clock<-LINK
is made from Computer Hard Drive and Bicycle Chain Ring This hybrid wall clock is just that. It is made from the combination of a recycled computer hard drive and a bicycle chain ring.You'll get great mileage with this clock, if you'll excuse the pun!

If you prefer jewelry, I found this beautiful bracelet made out of circuit boards on's handmade! LINK

Here's a Floppy Disk turned into a journal by Etsy seller reese52: LINK

Techno keychain made out of RAM memory bars by Etsy seller malenk: LINK

If you'd like a necklace with your initial on it, why not look at these cute recycled computer keys by Etsy seller beautifulwickedness? LINK

If you find something neat too, please post it into the Comments!

Want more unusual art? Wow are you greedy or what. (LOL)
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