Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Art Inspiration Week Day 2: Portraits and Paintings in Coffee

Trying to cut down on your coffee intake? You could try using your coffee as paint.

Angel and Andy Saur have made a unique art business by painting with coffee.
I just love the look of it. This is something I want to try someday. It does have a lovely sepia tone to it.

Angel writes: " We started working with coffee as a medium many years ago. We had scheduled an artshow in a local coffeeshop that we loved to hang out at, Beaners Central. We had 8 or 9 months to prepare for it. Since we were in a coffee shop, we decided it might be fun to try to create something using coffee. We tried a few methods. Through much trial and error we developed a method using coffee as a paint. The images were like sepia toned memories. It was wonderful. We enjoyed it so much that we are still painting with coffee today. Our paintings are on either paper or canvas."

You can check out their art at http://justcoffeeart.com

Another artist working with Coffee is Karen Eland- LINK

I can see that working with coffee is probably much like working in watercolor. As you overlay more coffee, the tone will get darker...or I guess you could adjust the strength of your coffee.
Something fun to try, and it's non-toxic and relatively inexpensive.

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