Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mommy's on the phone

I have an additional phone number set up for business calls, so when the phone does a double ring, everyone in the family knows it's for me. It keeps kids from answering business calls, and also should signal the family to be quiet. Keyword SHOULD.

A lot of times, I have to let my voice mail pick up the phone call and I call the person back when my kids are napping or sworn to silence. It is inconvenient, but not too bad. But today the phone rang with the double ring, and I quickly assessed my situation: toddler quietly playing, my daughter watching TV and the volume wasn't too loud, and Little Man was playing on the computer.

It looked safe. It looked deceptively safe.

I answered the phone.

Luckily the lady who called has kids of her own, so she could totally relate, because as soon as I was on the phone, everyone suddenly needed me. Little Man (3-1/2) started tugging on me going "Mommy, Mommy...MOMMEEEE!"....Little Guy (19 months old) started grunting and hanging on me as I kept trying to walk around the house to find a quiet place to talk. I was actually getting out of breath from this.

I signaled with pathetic puppy dog eyes to my 13 year old daughter to PLEASE do something. Both boys protested loudly. I quickly sketched a drawing of a chocolate Hershey's Kiss with 98.7% accuracy to tell my daughter to bring out the candy to keep the boys quiet. So she did. Little Man ended up wiping his chocolate covered mouth on my daughter's shirt, causing her to go "EWeeeeWWWW!" By the time I got off the phone, my son had had diarrhea and without going into greater detail, I had something I needed to clean off the floor.

So, lesson learned, this is why I do NOT answer any business calls when my kids are awake!


Ahermitt said...

COMMUNICATION via pictionary!

Cindy said...

I used to write notes and shove them under my mom's face when she was on the phone. I never understood why she would get so mad! Haha.


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