Tuesday, February 20, 2007

going with the flow

I had my 16 month old on a fairly regular schedule lately, and that was really helping. He would nap from about Noon to two pm, or from 11 am to 1 pm. But today he has been doing a lot of fussing and crying. He's probably feeling bad, more leftovers from this virus we've been having. The schedule is totally blown and I have no idea where I stand schedule-wise, and what to expect tomorrow. I'll just try to go with the flow.

I want to get everything done so I can take the month of April "off," -- well, as much off as a mom of 4 can be - off as far as artwork commissions go.

The rest of February looks really busy, and looks like it will be all the way through March. I am lining customers up for May! Sometimes I wonder if my business has really grown this much, but I do have little ones that demand a lot of my attention. But from what I can tell, it's not just that I have kids keeping me busy. On paper this year looks much better than last year at this time. I hope the same is true for the rest of the economy!

I'll probably stay up late tonight to get some art done. I have tried getting up at 5 am to do art, but it just doesn't seem to happen. I keep hitting that snooze button because I'm so tired! I've been surprised I have had trouble doing that, because I am generally a morning person. It has been a good way in the past to get some work done around the kid's schedules. But now my best bet seems to be staying up late and have Glenn Beck or Nancy Grace, or whatever show is on with people yakking and becoming incensed about things. Keeps my brain active and I just listen and draw away! The only issue is if the topic of discussion is extremely disturbing, it's hard to go to sleep after that.

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