Saturday, January 13, 2007

why blog?

AW asked me, "Why blog?"

From a business standpoint, my reasons are:
  • Free advertising if you use one of the free blogs.
  • Lets you connect with your potential and current customers on a more personal level (they can get to know the person you are).
  • Blogger is a Google product, so it gets high rankings (at one time, when you looked me up on Google, my blog came up higher than my actual website, even though my website had been around longer!)
  • Any additional website that you can link to your website is helpful to some extent, but a blog with good site ranking can help even more. (the more sites linking into your website, the more 'important' the search engines think it is).
TIP: If you start blogging, try to at LEAST post once or twice a week, but daily is BEST. If you get tired of blogging, don't cancel your blog because the search engines value blogs that have been around longer. So even if you didn't blog for six months, if you picked it up again, you'd still be better off than canceling an account for 6 months and then starting totally over from scratch.

That's all I can think of right now, I'll probably think of ten more reasons at 2 am that'll keep me up all night.


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