Friday, January 19, 2007

when moms are sick

I found this post on DotComMoms interesting - LINK
I was going to post a comment there, but it turned out so long I decided to put it here in my blog!

I've always found it interesting that it's moms who worry that they aren't mothering well enough, we read all the parenting magazines and do the quizzes to find out what kind of mom we are....but Dads generally just are themselves and hope that everything will work out fine.

I'm having to accept today that I'm short tempered and not a good mom because I'm not feeling well. I need more sleep. I was a total zombie when we had newborn twins. When the next child came ten years later, I was a little better able to roll with the lack of sleep. Then another baby 2 years later, and I'll still desperately seeking sleep.

Today has been a real 'winner' (ok, that's sarcasm there)....started the day with sore throat and earache...not one single Tylenol in the house...only the liquid children's Motrin in ...grape flavor.
I was able to get three teaspoons of the stuff down then I realized I better stop or I was going to hurl. Man, that stuff is nasty. I think they make it from melting grape suckers on a windowsill somewhere. I'm going to be a lot more sympathetic the next time I need to give that stuff to one of the kids!

I've had a low grade fever and that kicked into the beginnings of a migraine. I have no time today for a migraine. It doesn't fit into my plans. I had goals and aspirations for today but they have turned into groans and perspiration. I plan to feel better tomorrow!

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