Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Singin' them post-Christmas blues

I spent a few minutes today looking at some of my friends' blogs, and I feel pretty incompetent now. They've been cooking gorgeous foods, going to parties, doing beautiful crafts with their kids, cleaning out entire bedrooms, donating items to charity. They've been whirlwinds of activity and I feel like I've just been trudging through every day.

Not only could they accomplish all this great stuff, they were able to take wonderful pictures and had the time to blog about it! I did manage to get 2 batches of Christmas cookies made and I've stayed (mostly) well this holiday season, so I guess that's something.

I guess a lot of women probably feel like me - we have the pressure on to create a 'perfect' holiday, and of course there is no such thing. God willling, I have about 50 more Christmases in my life to chase the dream.

Dear Baby Jesus, please help me to be more organized in 2007!

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