Wednesday, December 20, 2006

o tannenbaum

Here's our Christmas tree...not sure what kind it is, other than green. LOL! I think maybe it's a spruce, because it's the kind that is soft. I like that in a Christmas tree. Less toddlers getting their eyes poked out the better I always say.

It was also marked down from $85 (gasp!) to $50. Funny how the Christmas tree selling guy can suddenly find a way to reduce the price when you start walking away from him.

I know this is not the prettiest Christmas tree you've ever seen. Our tree doesn't have a theme - I know some people go with either a color or concept theme every year, and you'd probably think that an artist would do that. And even thought this sounds corny, I think what our tree has is heart.

Most of the ornaments have a special meaning to someone in the family. I love the reindeer ornaments that were lovingly crafted from popsicle sticks, felt, and googly eyes by my daughters. So many of our ornaments are homemade, and I think they're the best kind.


letti said...

Dearest Darla, Merry Merry Christmas and have a really blessed year ahead. I love it that the ornaments are collected through time and have special meanings behind each one of them :). PLUS, I really like the tree! *hehe*

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks Letti, I have enjoyed having the tree this year, especially the smell!
Didn't have 'real' trees growing up, always had the artificial.


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