Thursday, December 14, 2006

never a dull moment

Priceless moments this week with my 3 year old:

  • My son comes to me with a big wrapped log like the one above in his arms...he plops it down on the table and proclaims "I wanna eat THIS!" (I explained it's not a humongous candy bar).
  • While walking into the grocery store with him, he sees the Salvation Army lady with the hanging metal bucket ringing her bell. Little Man points out the bucket to me with his middle finger. I quickly explained to the lady that he is only 3, even though he looks twice that age - so he didn't know, and no insult intended. She laughed and said she understood that he wouldn't know the importance of one finger over another at his age. I'm sure my face went white when I saw my son flipping off the Salvation Army volunteer!

1 comment:

letti said... DOES look like a big candy bar now that I think about it.


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