Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gift for that special person you want to freak out.

Fake product boxes....put the real gift inside...I could really get my daughters good with the Build Your Own Umbrella Kit...looks just like the educational junk I tend to give them! My brothers in law would probably be disappointed that there really isn't a USB toaster in the box!

You get all three boxes, and I guess you could use them over on new unsuspecting folks.

Text from the site (who should not sue me, because I'm helping them make money, not me!): LOL

"GotchaBox™ 3-Box Set

Real Boxes. Fake Products. Give that special someone a gift that will confuse, disappoint and possibly anger. Give it to them in an Onion GotchaBox™. These special gift boxes, printed with fake product graphics and descriptions, hold your actual gifts inside. The victim/recipient will congratulate you (eventually) for providing them an utterly perplexing and wonderfully humbling moment.

Your GotchaBox box set includes one each of the following:

(1) USB Toaster,
(1) Make-Your-Own Umbrella Kit
(1) Salt Of The Month Club

visit the Onion Store


Cindy said...

I was just thinking... does my husband need a USB toaster? He would probably want one if there was such a thing!

letti said...

LOL Those are too cute. I would get some if I hadn't already packed everything up. Hehe. Great idea tho.


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