Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dear Santa,


I ordered my kids a lot of gifts from HearthSong for Christmas. I hate going shopping in stores - I like to save my feet by shopping from my seat!

Now I'll share with you what I bought, and even include links, but you have to PROMISE not to tell the kids :) Just click to see them:

Tickle Bee Game
For some odd reason, this game triggered something in my memory of a game I had when I was little that I really liked! I like how it's pretty much one piece (the wand connected to the game) and no small pieces for me to step on or a zillion pieces to pick up. I bought this for Little Man (age 3). I have a feeling everyone will fiddle with it though.

36Piece Magneatos Set
This one does have a lot of pieces, but they are fairly large, so that's okay. No sharp edges are a feet will like these. LOL...If you have seen the Magnetix game, this is similar, except better and safer for smaller kids. There is a curves add on set if you want to enhance it later on (this is what I'll probably do...buying an add-on set that is slightly different can help 'refresh' the game for a kid if they start getting bored with it later on). Another one for Little Man, age 3, but I'm sure my 13 month old and even the older kids will play with it.

Yep, I know this one is weird, but it looks strangely fun. I like strangely fun. Not sure, but I might have bought this one for myself...haha. Going to give it to my daughter (DD2)...I think she'll enjoy its erratic nature...I picture the whole family squealing and laughing about this one!

Circus Sam The Balancing Man
This is another one I bought just for the fun of it.
My daughter (DD1) is getting this one, I think she'll enjoy the physics aspect of it.

Mini Jack In A Box
This jack in the box has all the fun of the larger version, it's just a few inches shorter, but it's ten dollars cheaper. I decided my 13 month old would have just as much fun with it as he would the more expensive version. I remember liking the Jack in the box toy when I was a kid, but there was always a bit of anxiety in the POP of it. As they say, it's hard to stop the cycle of child abuse.

I hope the kids will like these toys. Nothing is super expensive, I just want them to have a lot of fun things to open. My two oldest girls are turning 13 (twins) so I'll be getting them stuff they are crazy about right now like lip gloss and nail polish. For the younger kids, I really favor 'old fashioned' gifts.

(if you go to HearthSong and see anything you like and order before December 14, you can get shipping for $4.99 by using discount code HS96. They have good prices and their site was really easy to use.

One thing that I especially liked was when I printed out the receipt, it has little pictures of what I just bought - that can be really handy information to keep from accidentally buying your children duplicate toys.

I am just really excited to have some Christmas shopping done. As soon as it gets here, I'm going to wrap it so I can avoid having a stressful Christmas.


Jan said...

Those look like fun toys!!! I just realized that all of mine have now moved out of the "little kid" toys! ECK! Where does time go?

letti said...

ooo those toys look like so much fun! Lucky kiddos

Cindy said...

I've tried to do the shopping on the internet thing, but I really like to window shop. If I know exactly what I want, I can shop online.

This looks like a cool site. I'll have to bookmark it.

This Christmas, Alex will probably like all the boxes the toys come in.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

I think I'm more excited than anyone. I keep peeking out the door whenever I hear a UPS truck!
I love shopping online...I can learn much more from the descriptions, and I don't have to lug the stuff home.
I often find much better deals online than offline....when you can find a discount code or a rebate, and then you get discounted or free shipping, it often comes out better. I'm not a fan of stores and I avoid the apparel sections especially because the dyes in fabrics make me ill.


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