Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Whoa. I knew something had to be going on today. My email requests for information on portraits have gone through the roof, and I looked at my site hits, and they are waaaayyy up today too.

Wondered what on earth was going on. Decided to try logic. (nice for a change, huh? ...laughs!)
The last time my site got so busy, I was a featured shop on PayPal Shops. So I just went to check it out, and sure enough, my link is there! How exciting! PayPal used to email me and give me a heads up that my site was featured. Because I have been featured on there before, they already had the graphic to use. I think they use me as filler whenever they are waiting on an ad from someone else.

You won't find me complaining! This is free advertising better than any advertising I've ever paid for. The only problem is keeping up. I'll be printing out the customer inquiries and probably calling them from my car later today so I can have some privacy and peace and quiet to be able to chat with the nice folks who are emailing me today.

PayPal Shops Link

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