Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today was Primary Elections in Georgia. I took Little Guy and he attended his first Primary. The election official hands you a piece of paper with two boxes - and you need to check one of them - Democat or Republican. I was looking all over it for other choices (LOL) but there aren't any.

Too bad it can't be like a sliding scale with ultra liberal on one end and ultra conservative on the other, and you just make a slash mark where you fall in between there. I really tend to be more Libertarian in most things. So I made the choices I felt to be the least painful.

It would be easy to just say to myself, "I'm tired, I've got kids, I don't want to bother - it's just the Primaries!" But what would our world be like if all moms - all people - got out and voted? What kinds of changes would take place? Yes I know we are all busy, but what happens is that the people who are most likely to vote are the older generation - who unfortunately won't be around long enough to see the effects of most of their voting - whether the results are good or bad! I told my daughters to never take it for granted...after all it wasn't too long ago that women didn't have the vote...and would they like to live in a country where women aren't allowed to vote? What would happen to their rights if they weren't allowed to vote? The same thing that happens when women choose not to vote! Don't use your children as an excuse that you 'can't' go and vote. Because you have children is even more reason to go and vote.

So if you haven't been voting and you're not happy with the direction things are moving in, then you better start voting. It's no wonder you aren't happy...how can they act on your views when you aren't officially making your views known? For example, here in Georgia, there is a section on the ballot that asks if you would support increasing the state gasoline tax if the funds were designated for new roads. So if you don't go and vote on that, don't complain about the gasoline taxes going up, and don't complain that the roads are terrible!

I also voted FOR the Fair Tax...check it out: http://www.fairtax.org/
Read all about it and see if it doesn't make a lot of sense to you, too.

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