Saturday, June 24, 2006

The July issue of Good Housekeeping has an article about ways to "go green..." - environmentally friendly ideas and links. Nothing seemed too extreme and I thought I'd check out the links today.

Since I'd have to type them to visit them, I might as well put them here in the blog, so you and I can check them out together. Let's see what new stuff we find out today.

Take your own shopping bag to avoid paper or plastic
Cloth shopping sacks - polka dot tote - ;ACME Workhorse Style 1500 -

Water Efficient Shower Heads
(low flow models can let a family of four cut water use by as much as 280 gallons a month) (look for Kohler's Master Shower Eco)
Niagara Conservation Earth Massage

Recycle Rechargeable cell phones, digital cameras, and camcorders.
The article says that wherever you live you can find store that will recycle these for you.
Visit and enter your zip code.

Adjust your fridge temperature
Your refrigerator is most likely the appliance that's using the most electricity, the article says.
Maximize efficiency by setting your fridge temp to 37 degrees fahrenheit and the freezer at zero.
I guess I need to buy a refrigerator thermometer.

Try to give stuff away rather than filling up the dump with it. One person's trash is another person's treasure. Try and

Disposable dinnerware that won't clog landfills...made from corn, potatoes, and limestone. The article states that they are inexpensive. Wild, huh?

Clothing made from plants
"Melissa" tunic by Lara Miller...made of bamboo but feels like silk (huh?!)
Linda Loudermilk is an eco designer and uses fabric made from a Japanese leaves, bamboo, and soy.

Organic Undies
100 percent organic cotton unmentionables (the cotton was grown organically, meaning it was grown without pesticides)...and that's a good thing for undies I would think.
Blue Canoe Brand

Makeup with Eco Friendly Packaging
Most of Aveda's packaging is made from recycled materials.
If you want a totally organic makeup line whose name is hard to pronounce, they recommend Nvey Eco

You can toss the kitchen food scraps into Gardener's Supply Company's Kitchen Compost's a ceramic composter that can sit on your kitchen counter. This sounds good to me because I don't have a disposal in my sink. I could compost and then use it on my flowers.
Let me know what you think!

What's all the to-do about bamboo?
We are hearing so much about bamboo because it's a "more sustainable natural resource than wood" because it grows super fast. Bamboo bowls and Cutting boards are available from TimberGrass at

Lose the junk mail
Register with the Direct Mail Association Mail Preference Service and after a few months you will notice your junk mail has slowed down.

Organic Children's Clothing
Not only organic, but some of the garments from Hanna Andersson are also certified that every fabric, button, thread and zipper has been tested for over a hundred potentially harmful substances.

Solar powered lighting for your yard or patio
Good Housekeeping liked the Malibu Solar Floodlight from

Maybe you have some ideas or comments or a product you'd recommend. If so please leave a comment here on the blog! :)

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These are great ideas!!!!
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