Friday, June 23, 2006

I took all four kids down to South Georgia by myself this past week. If you have ever been in a car with 4 kids ages 8 months, 2-1/2, and 12 years old, then you know that it's not a 'vacation' in any sense of the word! It's a vacation for the kids, but for the adult who needs to pack up everything, pay for everything, navigate/drive, break up arguments - it's a lot of real work.

The trip down there was uneventful, even could be considered excellent. Both of the little ones slept most of the time and I was able to make it with just one sanity break at McDonalds.

The trip back home was fine, except when we got to Hwy 20 East near Atlanta, it was a bit 'hairy'.... to make a long story short, we almost had an accident with a HUGE Coca Cola truck as it merged into the highway and thought he had the right of way! (I couldn't move over a lane because it was full of other vehicles). Maybe the real right of way is for the vehicle that is the biggest....It would be horrible to die that way. The news headline would say "Local Woman Killed by Soft Drinks."

There was a bit more child fussing, but didn't get to anything major that I couldn't handle, and I made the trip without any stops.

Here is a new picture of Little Guy, he's 8 months old and now actively crawling very fast!


Cindy said...

You are a trooper! I've taken my niece to the park and had more issues in 20 minutes than you had in the entire trip. Hehe.

What a cutie pie!!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks Cindy! Well there were probably a lot of issues but I have learned to ignore a much of it is like water off a duck's back after awhile. It's all about attitude, and you have a GREAT positive attitude, so you will do great when you have your'll see :)


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