Saturday, April 01, 2006

I took the Painting Personality Quiz and wasn't very surprised by the results. I absolutely HATE to clean brushes, so pastel is a natural solution for me. Oil paints take up to 3 months to completely dry, which is great for being able to work at it here and there, but it drives me crazy to have to wait so long. I also can't stand turpentine and the vapors/chemicals involved in painting in oil. Even 'odorless' turpentine is dangerous. People tend to think that it's not dangerous because they aren't smelling it, but the danger of the vapors still exists. I noted that pencils weren't even part of this quiz.

For now, I stick with my pencils. I get more than a little irritated when pencils aren't even considered an option for 'painting.' Colored pencils especially involve as much, if not more, mixing/blending than pastels. Even in American Artist's special Drawing Magazine, pencils are always referred to as a base for other mediums. They are only usually considered to be important for the skeleton of an artwork, but not held to be important as a true medium in its own right.

I notice that pencils are like the red headed stepchild of the art world, and I can't figure out what the reason for this is, unless it's just pure snobbishness.

"The answers you selected in the Painting Personality Quiz suggest that you'd be happiest should avoid using oils, but would be fine with pastels, watercolors, or acrylics.

With pastels you get instant results, there's no waiting for paint to dry, nor brushes to clean afterwards. The basics of watercolors are easy to get to grips to and cleaning up afterwards is simple, but it's also a medium that's extremely versatile. Acrylics are very fast drying and, once dried, can be overpainted without disturbing underlying layers."


Anonymous said...

Very cool art quiz. I took it, and it suggested oils or acrylics for me (I like both).

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean; graphite art rarely gets the amount of credit that it deserves. Great post.


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