Thursday, March 16, 2006

~ Bathroom Remodel ~

Here is our front bathroom, mid remodel....the new tub is leaning up, the floor is primed with white Kilz in preparation for the new vinyl flooring.

They figured out why the old tub cracked...the builder never leveled part of the concrete slab under the the concrete bumps were pressure points. Now that I know that, I'm amazed the tub lasted as long as it did. But now I feel better that the tub didn't crack because I'm too fat! (oh yes that thought was there in my mind!).

Norm and Clark from Exact Measure Construction are awesome guys...they don't just 'make do,' they do the job right, even though it is taking them longer than they expected, they want to do it right and not just slap dash.
They are working on my house as if I'm a member of their family. I really appreciate that! How often do we see that today? Then later, my friend Amy is going to help me paint or faux or whatever it is we want to do. She does gorgeous work. I am very excited!

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