Friday, February 10, 2006

This is a long blog post with rambling thoughts and happenings because my Internet connection has been down for a couple days now. For that reason, I haven’t been able to post to the blog.

At first, I thought the problem was on my end of the connection. I disconnected the phone connections and modem, waited the usual ten seconds, and tried to reconnect. Still no go. Finally got it figured out yesterday – the network router-thingie has a problem. Our laptop computer is dead now, so we don’t have to use the network router anyway. So once that was taken out of the loop, everything has worked fine.

I did technically blog yesterday, but I put it into a little program you may have heard of, called Microsoft Word. I knew you could not stand to be without all the minutiae of my life. So here it is:

DD1 tortured DD2 in the morning by not letting her out of the bedroom. You know, the classic hold-the-doorknob-from-the-outside ploy. Lots of screaming, door slamming, and name-calling ensued. Apparently, this is what passes for entertainment when you’re 12 years old.

DD1 spent some time away from her valuable sister-torturing time to shoot video of me with the digital camera. I was giving Little Guy his bottle. There is some old woman in the video…I realized it was me. Ugh! Well that’s what happens when I am awakened at 2:30 am to give a bottle. The time before that, it was 4 in the morning that I had to get up and give Little Guy a bottle. I don’t know why he is suddenly waking up so early. Probably the teething pain is keeping him from taking enough food before he goes to sleep, or it’s a growth spurt.

I put Little Guy on his back this morning, and he rolled to his side. I helped him bring his top leg over and that brought him all the way to his stomach. He had such a cute look of surprise on his face, and then a burp and a smile. I think there will be a lot more rolling from now on.

Little Man is eating what he calls “Chocolate Ball” cereal…I think it’s Cocoa Comets or something. He likes to eat that while watching Dora the Explorer.

There are multicolored plastic toys all over the living room floor. Watch your step!

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