Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I always find it interesting to see where people visiting my website come from. I use Sitemeter.com for this info. It gives me a general idea of where people are, or at least, where their Internet Service Providers are!

In the past 24 hours, my site, http://www.darladixon.com has had visitors from Cottesloe, West Australia; Blackburn-Darwin, UK; Makati, Rizal, Philippines; Galston, New South Wales, Australia; Thailand; Scoresby, Victoria, Australia; Alberta Canada; Belfast, UK; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Newfoundland; and Slough, UK.

I also get some fun statistics (statistics...fun?!?)

79% of my website visitors are from North America
7% are from Europe
7% are from Asia (especially Thailand)
4% are from Australia (good on ya, mate!)
2% are from South America
1% from Unknown (how's the weather there in Unknown?) I've always wanted to visit.

Where are you from? Post a message here or sign my map at http://frappr.com/darladixon/

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