Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tuesday night I took Little Guy (almost 3 months old now) to the Pediatric Urgent Care at hospital. I gave the baby my cold, and I didn't notice any fever but he was extremely snuffly, and when I had my hand on his back, I could feel the vibrations when he breathed. We also thought his cough sounded a bit croup-like.

I know how to handle croup in children - I've been through that many times before so I wasn't panicked, but what worried me in Little Guy's case is that he hasn't had his 2-month shots (that includes pertussis-whooping cough). The pediatrician couldn't get him in for that until early February! So knowing he hasn't had that innoculation yet worried me. I didn't want to just assume he just had a regular cold.

Rather than wait for it to become a major emergency later in the night, I took him to the hospital around 8 pm. The doctor said I did the right thing to bring him in, because young babies can have serious complications from colds. But it turns out that he is fine. The vibrations I felt on his back were only because of the congestion in his head - the pediatrician said that because babies' heads are so large in relation to their bodies, that's why I could feel it on his back.

Now before every feeding, I need to put 5 drops of saline in his nostrils one at a time, and suction them out with the bulb syringe. It is hard to do this, he kicks and screams and looks at me with a look that says "Mommy, HELLLLP ME!!!!" and I feel like I'm going to cry too, I feel so bad having to do that to him. But babies HAVE to be able to breathe out of their noses, or they can't have the bottle, so it's necessary.

I am still suffering with my cold too, so at least I have a feeling of what Little Guy is feeling. I am spending a lot of time cuddling and carrying, and boy are my arms and shoulders tired! Sudafed is working wonders for me though...I wish the baby could have some of that, but he can only have the suctioning of his nose and baby pain reliever drops.

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Cindy said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to give a child medicine. It's like trying to give a dog or cat medicine. They just won't take it!!

Glad to hear he is ok, and is on the mend. Everyone I know is sick with a cold. I think it is all the hustle and bustle of the season.


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