Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Illustration Friday Picture
This is my drawing for Illustration Friday, the topic is Surprise. My son pictured here (known as Little Man in the blog) is now 28 months old. The pregnancy was a "surprise" I guess you could say, but a good one! Little Man is a joy to the whole family. This artwork was done in 2004 in graphite pencil.


gusgo said...

Your work seems to be good; as a matter of fact, a very good can I do to send you a photo?, and how you will send me the draw?

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Hi Gusgo, thank you so much :)
You can find all the details at my website, , but in a nutshell, you can email or mail the photos regular mail - hey I'd love that to get some Mexican stamps anyway! LOL
And payment can be by PayPal so we don't have to worry about currency conversion! I have done artwork for people worldwide, so really, it's not a problem! Email me for more info too:

Karen said...

I too have a "little man". They are wonderful little energetic, surprising creatures. I love how well you captured his sweet expression. What a wonderful drawing.


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