Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My mother has been visiting.

Here is a math equation:

Mother Visiting = No Blogging
hee hee...

Today in preparation for our Thanksgiving meal,
I will be making Tunnel of Fudge cake from the Pillsbury Cookbook - it is really good,
like a brownie with walnuts Bundt cake. If I don't have time to make it,
then I will just make devilled eggs. If I get time, I'll add it to the recipe blog so that thou might
partake also...verily I say so...hmm

Definitely we'll have pumpkin pie - I told my husband that I could have any meal for Thanksgiving,
I wouldn't even need to have turkey, as long as I had pumpkin pie. To me, without pumpkin pie,
it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving. He felt that he could forgo the pumpkin pie, but he'd HAVE to have the
turkey and stuffing.

Of course the important thing is getting together with family and friends, but
is there one food thing for Thanksgiving that really makes it - "Thanksgiving" the holiday, for you?

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