Thursday, November 24, 2005

Here's an update on what's going on here, since I haven't been posting much lately.

Luana started a blog too. I hope she will have fun doing it. She has a newly opened gift shop in Loganville called My Simple Indulgence. It is next to a Gymboree and a coffee shop. Her store is beautiful! It is only 10 minutes away, no matter where you are, so be sure to visit!

I spent last night in the recliner so now my neck is stiff. Little Guy was fussy so I gave up all hope of sleep and watched Letterman's Late Show. He needed a bottle about every 3-4 hours...Little Guy, not Letterman.

Wow, that was an old type joke, wasn't it? I blame it on seeing too many Marx Brothers movies lately on TCM. Unfortunately, I am interrupted too much and too busy to watch whole movies. I get bits and pieces of the dialog. But in a Marx Brother's movie, just a little bit of Groucho's dialog can keep me giggling all day.

These are from Cocoanuts, from my memory so probably not exact...

To a good looking lady:
"Let's lodge with my fleas in the woods...oh wait, maybe it's let's flee to my lodge in the woods!"


To an older society dame:
"Is it true that your husband plans to divorce you as soon as he recovers his eyesight?"

Eyesight, that reminds glasses broke, (just the frame) and I will get my new glasses next week. Be sure to check in for 'before' and 'after' pictures. My old glasses are round and very late 80's styled. My new glasses will have a geometric shape that should work well on my face.
For now, I am stylin' in my broken glasses with tape holding them together. Really classy look. (sarcasm).

It has been great having Mom here from Savannah. It has helped me so much. Trying to get caught up on things, but I think the first thing I have needed to get caught up on is - rest.

This morning, we'll get the Parker House Roll dough rolled out and baked. I did get the cake baked last night, just need to put the glaze on it today. I'll take a picture and post it later (probably tomorrow).

Terri sent me some copies of the book I illustrated,
What Really Happened During the Middle Ages.
It was so exciting to actually see and hold the hardcopy of the book. I got misty and almost cried looking at it and thinking about how proud my Dad would be if he was still alive, but the girls broke in with, "Aw Mom, you aren't gonna cry, are you?!?" So that kept me at the misty level.
I gave my Mom a copy...she is enjoying it. I autographed her copy and we had a laugh about that.

~Have a Happy Thanksgiving~
Take lots of pictures and send me some!


Jennaya said...

I'm one of the authors in Terri's book and got my copies probably at about the same time you did. I had to smile about you autographing the book for your mom - I did the same thing! Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your illustrations! They are so beautiful - great job!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thank you, Jennaya! I thought all the authors also did a great job. I have really enjoyed both drawing for the book AND reading it!


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