Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today's posting is a bit of a rant, let me warn you. I think it is due to the ongoing pregnancy aches and pains...but whatever the excuse of the day, it's a rant. Unlike many other people blogging, I can rant without profanity.

Why are there bloggers who allow comments to their blogs, but they will delete your comment if you do not agree with them 150%?

I just had to comment on a blog in which the writer spewed venom about the Katrina evacuees, about how they deserved what they got, since they didn't have the gumption to at least walk out of New Orleans, no matter how poor they were, etc. That they were big whiners and complainers and expect the US Government to do everything for them.

I commented that although true in some cases, mean spirited blog posts like that one hurt honest people overall. Yes there will be the users/takers in society (approx. 10% I'd guess) but that 90% are just good folks like you and me, and to lump everyone in the same category as whiners/users is wrong. People will see posts like that and then not want to help others.

I am betting she took one look at my blog, saw I was an artist and immediately made the assumption that I am a (GASP!) Liberal. Well, I'm not. I'm not really into labels, but I'd say I'm Libertarian with a Conservative edge and a twist of caring and compassion. I'm also Christian (not perfect!) and I think that God will judge us with the same severity or kindness that we judge others.

How can you judge the situation until you have spent some time in their shoes? Hopefully the Gwinnett Blogger will never have to find out what it's really like for herself. She might not be nice and control her own behavior under such a harsh situation.

So don't post your diatribe to the World Wide Web and then get all bunched up in knots when everyone doesn't agree with you completely. Mature people can accept others' views.
If you are unable to accept other's views, then don't allow comments on your blog!


Sherri said...

Hi Darla...
I agree...you don't always have to agree with what others say, but at least respect where they are coming from...it sure would be a boring world if we were all the same!
Hey girl...when are you going to have that baby!! Just kidding...I used to HATE it when my friends and family would call and ask me that!! Stay strong!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

LOL...I know, it can't happen a day too soon now, in my opinion! Friends are calling and asking 'baby yet?!?' But I have always been overdue and had to have labor induced, so it still could be 3 weeks from now...


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