Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I am feeling so much better today. I woke up about 7:30 am and guess what, the girls didn't fight a bit! No wait a minute, yes they did. DD2 had worn DD1's tennis shoes and part of the sole has started peeling off, so of course, that had to be DD2's fault, in DD1's mind...ok is that confusing enough? But you can see, even if the arguments get down to only one or so per morning, I am thrilled! I finally had to declare if I heard one more thing about those dang shoes, I was going to throw them in the trash! The problem with such pronouncements is that once it's out of my mouth, I realized that I would have to carry through with the threat..(my mind went, whoops!) ..but it did end the complaining, so it worked in this case!

(PS...DD1 means Dear Daughter 1, and DD2 means Dear Daughter 2...they are fraternal twins).

I got the donation items ready for the American Kidney Fund to pickup. A small thing like that is like a victory to me these days! I went through Little Man's clothing and found a couple bags worth to donate. I am keeping things for the new baby to grow into, but some things I didn't even use for Little Man, so I doubt I will use them for the new baby, so it's time to let go of some clutter.

I emailed the City of Snellville about a street sign in our neighborhood that was run down by a car. It was bent over for quite awhile, until a neighbor did a temporary fix up.
Yesterday, when I was taking the dog out, I saw the sign and realized that residents should really work to contact the city to get small things fixed before they turn into big eyesores.
So I emailed the city, and this morning, the very next day after emailing them, someone was out there fixing the sign before 9 am!!! I was very impressed! I thought I would have to nag and nag to get it fixed... which is my It was so nice to see people actually doing their job. I emailed my contact and thanked him. I know it is a little thing, but I bet people whine about stuff all the time and they never get told that it's appreciated.

A writer from the Gwinnett Daily Post called me yesterday with questions about blogging. She is wanting to do an article about corporations blogging in Gwinnett County. I am of course, not a corporation, but she wanted to know if I knew any. I gave her some possible leads, and I hope they worked out for her. She also asked me, "why do you blog?" and to my surprise, I actually had answers!

Most blogs are either for business or personal, not both...but mine has turned into sort of a strange morphed thing. I would proabably do better with my blog if I kept it business oriented, but I'm not just out to make a buck.
I blog to tell about new artwork, new ideas, new projects, and progress of artworks.
I blog because portraits are a personal thing for clients and I think people like to know a bit about the personal life of an artist they hire.
I blog a good bit just for myself...some thoughts and feelings just have to come out.
Sometimes I just have to vent.
I blog to update family and friends about what's going on in life. Saves me email time :)
Why do you blog, if you blog?


Jane said...

I blog because it's easier than writing in a journal and passing it around to people and hoping to get it back in time for my next rant.
I found blogdrive a couple days after I had that idea. =D
I want people to know what I think. I'm an awful communicator.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

You like to rant then? I do too, but I try to keep a lot of it down because I hate to bum people out!
How do you like blogdrive? Spam on the blog is getting on my nerves, do you have that problem on yours? I had to add the word verification feature here...


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