Friday, September 23, 2005

I went to the obstetrician yesterday, the problem I had 'down South' is clearing up - *yay!*
I had an ultrasound, they are guessing that the baby is 9 lbs already *yikes*
So I am going to go to the doctor again in a week, and he might decide to have my labor induced.
Goodbye ice cream, my old friend....

They got the lab results back on the cultures and it came back positive for Strep...apparently it's nothing to worry about for me or the baby, it just means that at the hospital they will need to give me antibiotic in the IV. But you know me, I'll have to go look it up online to know all about it!

I can't sit at the PC for long anymore, usually about 10 mins is all I can stand, I have to keep moving - sit, stand, lie down, etc...

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