Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am so ready to go to the obstetrician again...later this week I'll go and Dr. G will decide if I can have my labor induced. Well maybe it will happen 'naturally' before then...but somehow I doubt it. I have always had to have my labor induced, even when I had twins (and that was 13-14 POUNDS worth of babies!) .

As Sandy Cheeks the Squirrel in SpongeBob would say, "I'm one miserable critter!" and don't forget to put the Texas twang on that. I move like a snail, I drop things, tip over drink glasses (thanks to hands swelling), have carpal tunnel in feet and hands (again,thanks to the swelling), can't get comfortable to sleep, back hurts, etc etc. At least one thing that can be said about pregnancy is that it's not the same thing all the time...the complaints at least change somewhat. But for me, the very end of pregnancy always seems like it will go on forever.

I think we will go car shopping this week. We have decided to just get a small four door car that is pretty good on gas...hopefully one we can just pay for outright. We do not want a car payment. There has to be a good little reliable car for a few thousand out there somewhere. From looking online, there aren't many, but I think that's because the dealerships just aren't going to bother putting those on their websites. Too much effort for them for the money. I am still trying to get over most cars being 22K to $35K. Oh puh-leeze!

I did buy a brand new car one time, and have vowed that I will never again get a brand new car...so much depreciation. One a few years old is just fine. A good little car for $3000 that will last 2-4 years will work just fine for us. I really hate playing the car buying haggle game. I want us to have another car, but the whole car buying process is annoying and tortuous.

I'll let you know what we find out later this week...

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