Monday, September 12, 2005

Feeling this way a lot these days! We can't figure out what to do. We need to get a second car.

When the baby comes, that'll make us a
family of six. I was leaning toward getting a used minivan, probably a Chrysler Town & Country, but with the gas prices being the way they are, we are wondering if we should just get a compact car for my husband to drive to and from work in, to save on gas. (he drives a long way).

That would mean anytime the
entire family needed to go somewhere, we'd need to take two cars, which is a pain, but overall I think it would save money on gas. I was wanting to get the new used car before the baby arrives, but now I think we should sit back and watch and see what happens with fuel prices. I really need the second car before the baby comes, so I sure hope that gas prices will settle.

What would you do? I would love your opinion and comments.


Anonymous said...
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Cindy said...

Gas prices are crazy! If you will only be making small trips, go ahead and get the mini-van, and let hubby get the car for better gas mileage. Believe me, you may thing it might be ok now to have to drive two cars everywhere, but it will suck soon enough.

It's funny how when everyone talks about gas guzzling cars, they always bring up SUVs, but no one ever mentions a mini-van. Those things are bad too!

ashleymclure said...

I agree. In the long run if you're not doing a lot of errands or long driving, go ahead for the minivan. It'll be easier on you in the long run.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks! We have a great opportunity for a 2003 Ford Windstar with only 25,000 miles on it for about $10,000 which is a great deal, but I called insurance company and they said it would be $78 a month for the coverage (yikes) the thought of a car payment of $200 - $300 PLUS almost another hundred for insurance has me spooked.

Our car we have now is a Ford Explorer, so it's not small by any means, so we are thinking of getting a small car for my husband's commute (maybe not a compact, but a midsize-something-used we can pay for outright) that will save on the daily commute, leaving me with the Ford Explorer for traveling around Snellville with kids in tow...well not literally in tow...I will let them stay IN the car! LOL


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