Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mr. Thermometer decided that DD1 could stay home, with a temp of 100. DD2 was doing a slight fake, she might feel kind of bad, but Mr. Thermometer noted no 'real' fever (most of her feeling bad was due to not wanting to go to school by herself).

I'm not feeling so great myself - I think nice new ailments come home with every new school year.

I just updated the Emergency Information page for the Household Notebook. What is a household notebook, you ask? A household notebook is a three ring binder with plastic sleeve inserts in it. The first page is the Emergency Information page. Put all the emergency, doctor, close relatives and neighbor numbers on it, as well as our address, phone number, and directions to the house. Then I have sections for 'to-do' (routines), School, Menu Planner, Home Repair Directory, and Addresses.

It is very handy for whenever someone is helping you at the house, babysitting, or if you have to leave the house in an emergency, you will have all your most important information in that binder. For the ultra-organized, you could even copy your health insurance cards front and back, and put them in there, too. See the Organized Home website and the links on the left that read: "Free Printables" calls it a Control Journal. You can call it Bob if you want, but just make one. You can even order them from the site already set up if you like. I just use a basic white 3-ring binder and dividers and clear inserts for mine. If you are always short of time and you think you will never get around to setting one up, then just buying one may work best for you. I like to make my own, because then I decide what is most important. The free printables will get you on the right track.

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Suzanne said...

That is such a good idea! I hate how at the beginning of every school year I have to scramble for all that information to fill out all that paperwork for three kids. I could use one of those notebooks!


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