Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I was out from around 6:30 pm to past Midnight last night...no, I wasn't bar hopping.
You know me better than that, dahlink!

I went to the Kidsignments sale at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. I took my 'tween' daughters with me. We thought we were well prepared with a laundry basket that had wheels - nope.
If you don't know about Kidsignments, it's a HUGE consignment sale that is held in 3 buildings.

We only went into one building, and I am exhausted today. On the upside, we did get a TON of really good stuff - lots of clothing for the girls, some toys for little man, and I bought a few small things for the baby and a top-of-the-line bassinet for the new baby. Good thing the bassinet had wheels, we piled it high with clothing at the sale and used it as a makeshift shopping cart!

Here is what was so tiring....the line to checkout was (literally) probably a mile long.
We were in line for at least 2 hours.

The girls had some close calls to breaking down and fighting.
It was pretty easy to squelch the rebellion, though. I just said, "Oh, you want to fight? I thought you wanted these clothes! We can leave right now if what you want to do is fight. I can leave this line anytime and go home, I would love that!" I know, I am a sarcastic meanie. But it stopped the problem dead in its tracks, and 1,000 other moms who were there in line could appreciate it, I'm sure.

The sale is going on this week. Make sure you check the website, www.kidsignments.com The reason we were there last night is that it's the Seller's Preview Night. It is much easier to navigate later on in the week. There will still be fantastic deals. One of the last days, things go to half price....so I do recommend going, just not when you're pregnant and tired.

There ARE a lot of fantastic deals. My girls are crazy about Limited Too clothing, so when I can get Limited Too jeans for $5, I am thrilled. The jeans would be $30 or more in the store.

My advice if you plan to go:
  • Take something with wheels to use for shopping. Many people take a laundry basket and tie a belt or a rope to it. Even large trash cans with wheels are handy.
  • Eat a good meal before you go.
  • Take some change for the vending machines
  • Take a bottle of water or a snack with you
  • Wear normal shoes, not flip-flops - safety pins are used for the tags and to hold the clothing pieces on hangers, and sometimes they end up on the floor. My daughter accidentally stepped on one, it went right through the flipflop, and stabbed her foot! (she is fine, but we all wish this could have been avoided)
  • Shop for specialty baby equipment, toys or supplies before you go shopping for clothing. There is usually a TON of clothing, and if you had to, you could come back another day or on the halfprice day to get clothes.

I'm glad I got so much work done yesterday - all the laundry is done, except of course, the new clothing we bought at the sale. I am going to take it easy today, going to the sale and standing in line was really rough on me. I am just exhausted.

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