Monday, August 15, 2005

Here is the revised version of St. Joan of Arc. I removed the ornamentation on her armor, to better match the text in the book - it says her armor was 'white' - meaning, without ornamentation. I kind of miss the thingamabob (whatever that thing was) being there, it kind of balanced out the picture...but it is most important that the illustrations match the text in the book.

Thanks also to Kim J., who told me that something about the lack of a thumb showing in her left hand by the flag was a problem. (I think that part of it was that a fold of the flag made it look like her thumb was freakish)...the fold looked like a super long thumb! But now I have changed the fold of the fabric, and added just a hint of a normal sized, human thumb.

I really do appreciate the input!

Want to see the first version? See the post of August 9th 2005.

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