Monday, August 22, 2005

Here is King Wencelas, history book illustration, in progress. A LOT more work to do on the crown and scepter...and then more detailing and the highlights to bring out with erasers. I use several kinds of erasers, but most commonly the Pentel Click-Eraser and Kneaded Rubber eraser.

This keeps reminding me of a king on a playing card. I think it is the border that is doing that... I will need to fight the urge to put a heart or a club in the top right corner!

Darla Dixon
Portrait Art and Illustration


Suzanne said...

Now, see, that's like the cape. As soon as you said playing card, that's EXACTLY what it looks like!!!

Jane said...

Thanks for commenting on my site!

I'm afraid you were mistaken about the picture, though; I intend to keep it a photograph. However, I will post any artwork I have. :)
Go into my old posts, I know I've got a doodle somewhere.

Thanks again, and you're an amaaazing artist. :D


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