Sunday, July 10, 2005

This morning while I was doing the dishes that should have been done last night (and by DD1 to boot!) I was listening to the radio and started thinking about London and the attacks. On the radio they said the attacks 'killed dozens,' and I was thinking that by saying the word 'dozens' it sounds like a little over 12 people got killed. What I read on the Internet news was that at least FIFTY people were killed. Technically, saying they killed dozens is not incorrect, but I think it downsizes the severity of the attacks.

These attacks were evil, but Londoners are tough. Well, the British are tough. I respect them.
If terrorists really think they are going to get somewhere with this, they should think again. They are just appearing like toddlers having tantrums. The more like this they try, the less respect they are getting. The British have withstood the IRA attacks, they withstood and endured the Blitz, of something like 52 days of bombing. Londoners are tough and they will overcome these attacks and then the terrorists better watch their arses.

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