Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I got some great news this morning! One of my previous clients, Karen and her husband John are the proud parents of a newborn baby boy. The baby came a bit early and is in NICU, but it looks like everything will be fine. They lost boy/girl twin babies a couple years ago, and I drew their babies. I am so happy for Karen and John. The baby is really adorable! I think he looks just like his dad.

Hazards of eating ice cream: Last night I bought some rocky road ice cream. Yum, it was delicious! But almost immediately after eating some, I started feeling congested, started coughing, and I have felt like my chest and throat have been tight ever since. I took some Benadryl, because I have been told by the obstetrician it is okay to take. I am pretty sure I had (and still am feeling the effects of) a food allergy to the almonds that were in the ice cream. I didn't think I was allergic to nuts, but I will be more careful in the future. Earlier in the day, I did have some peanuts in a mixed nut assortment that also included cashews. I remember that my brother is also allergic to cashews. So maybe by having those nuts and then the ice cream with nuts in it put me over the top, allergy-wise. Ugh, I feel like I am having asthma.

Hurricane Dennis Effects in Atlanta area:
My mom called and left a message on voice mail yesterday, and she emailed...the news reports had her all worried that we were flooded out here. We have received a LOT of rain, but we have had worse before. I think the scary news reports of flooding are mostly about Douglas County GA. My mom doesn't know the North Georgia counties. We are feeling a little cooped up here, but it's a blessing to not be flooded. Not going to complain.

Seems like I had more to write about, but my brain isn't working full throttle yet today.

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