Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is so cute, it's from one of my work at home mom groups and I thought it was funny and I'd share it here. ~Darla

I just thought I'd share with everyone that after reading the posts on the
positive outcomes of the toll-free numbers, I acquired own toll-free number
through kall8

WITHIN 5 HOURS of adding the number to my website, I received my first call
and order! NOW, I set it up so my calls would be forwarded to my cell phone
so I would always be accessible. Guess who answered my cell phone when I
was in the shower? MY THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!! She comes to the bedroom
and says "Mommy, you have a phone call.and she said hello THREE times!!"
Thinking it was my husband and completely forgetting about the toll free
number, I said "Hey, what's up?" This customer proceeds to say "Yes, this
is ---- and I am calling about the shopping cart covers?" I nearly died!
My daughter has never answered the phone before, so you can imagine my
surprise. I explained what had happened, but I honestly think that unless
you actually have a toddler (versus a baby even!), you can't quite relate to
the "funny" part of it! Anyhow, good news is that she must have been
forgiving and I did receive an order from it, which paid for my toll free
number for the next 2 years! I highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

Michelle Smith


Toll Free 1-888-460-2933

Cart Along Baby provides complete coverage of weathered, germ covered,
unsanitary shopping carts and restaurant high chairs.

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