Monday, May 16, 2005

For a change, I have so much to share in my blog that I think it will be a mess to try to discuss all of it, but here goes.

First of all, thank you to those who sent cards, emails, etc during my father's illness and due to his death. I really appreciate it. Many people were praying, and maybe I don't even know what you did, but believe me, I know it helped, I felt lifted up by love during that time and still...and I'm not a person who normally 'talks' this way, if you know what I mean :)
My mother is doing pretty well, but I think the time will come about a month or two from now, when it will get quiet and lonely for her. She will probably come here about the time I have the new baby, and she is looking forward to that (I am too!)

Workwise, I am still trying to play catch up. I am more than a little behind, and that can get me a bit stressed out. The kids have to be my first priority, but the artwork is and has always been my sanity saver! I was behind before my father's illness and death, and now I am even more behind. The last two-three days, I have been extremely tired. I think the funeral and trip etc have caught up to me, but also I think maybe the baby is going through a growth spurt. Add to that my active toddler, and that adds up to one tired momma!

Yesterday, I took my twin girls (5th graders) to the local park for a cookout that their grade is having for graduation from elementary school. The thing was supposed to start at 2 pm. I am not one of those parents who just drop off their kids though (thank goodness)...I didn't see anyone in charge or anyone setting up, so I didn't leave. Tons of kids showed up, but no PTA representatives, and no chaperones. No food, nada! We did have some rain earlier in the day, but to me, it didn't seem like enough to cancel the cookout. Well apparently it was, so the organizers knew it wouldn't happen, but nobody else did! It was a real let down for the kids. It was especially bad for the kids who got dropped off at 2pm, with their parents to pick them up three hours later. I was a little cheesed off, because I had to make some special arrangements to have transportation, and we picked up one of my daughter's friends to take her to the cookout too! So here I was with 3 disappointed fifth graders and my 21 month old boy along for the ride. We went to Bruster's Ice Cream. Yes, it was 'for the kids' but you know, I got my chocolate shake that I have been jonesin' for for a week now! Had to have that consolation prize, dontcha know!

Laser, our new Shetland Sheepdog, is doing great. He is doing a wonderful job now of letting me know when he wants to go outside, and I can read his signals pretty well. So I guess he has trained ME?!? LOL But that is okay. He has developed into quite a snuggler, DD1 has gotten him to climb onto her lap, and now he is trying to snuggle up to all of us (except DH)...he is having a real problem warming up to my husband, but he is working on it.

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