Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today I woke up at 4 am and couldn't stop thinking about modifying the prices page of my website. I had an idea to make it easier for visitors to see how much the portrait they want will be. I just reorganized, and I made the most basic one subject portraits very affordable. I left the age regression pencil portraits at the same price they were before. They are so much more labor intensive and require so much more conversation with the client before I can get started. They also have involved a lot more re-drawing (ie, time!)
I also decided to make the shipping free to addresses in the USA. As a customer, I think extra charges are a real drag.

You can see online that a lot of artists quite often add on ridiculous fees for shipping a pencil artwork. One charges $15-$20 for shipping! Oh come on, it has cost me $8 at the very MOST to mail an artwork, and that was with all the 'bells and whistles': insurance, signature confirmation, proof of delivery, etc. In most cases, it's no more than $4. So why are they charging $15?!? They want to keep their listed prices low and still make more money is what it is. One time I even saw an artist charging additional fee for spraying the artwork with fixative, another fee if they wanted a protective art sleeve, etc...that stuff is included in my artwork I am proud to say.

Now I'd like to reformat the art examples/samples/gallery page. It is too busy, I need some kind of table or something - I am thinking maybe have small thumbnail examples of each type of art to represent it, with the name link below the pictures. That is a job for another month!


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