Monday, April 18, 2005


I finished LS's portrait yesterday, now I need to scan it and get it mailed.
All my emails to LS have bounced back, which is disconcerting. I will need to call her today.

VB and HB's art - I'm still working on. Still need to hear from VB regarding length of subject's hair.

JL - I am hoping to hear back from her soon. I am so ready to get started on hers (I have the entire thing in my head but I have to wait to hear from her before I start, in case I don't do it to her wishes).

NM - I sent a rought draft to them via email - need to hear back that it's on the right track before I start adding color. Some time has passed, I need to re-contact to make sure they received it.

KK is going to come by after work today to bring me her reference photographs.

It seems that lately it's the communication time as well as finding the time to literally work on my art that is the hard part. As long as I have the needed information in front of me I can really get a lot done. My folder system is working out well. It has saved me time looking for needed information. I am also enjoying the Google gmail account. It keeps the 'train' of the conversations via email together, so I can more easily find what I'm looking for from a client.

I worked on getting my business area/desk cleaned off and organized today. I will have to make some time for that as part of a weekly plan, because everything keeps getting dumped there, and I need some organization to keep my mind straight on what comes next. Any time I have a free moment, I try to be productive.

I spent the last couple days fairly angry and tantrum-y...which is unlike me. Tantrum-y? Sounds like something Willow would say on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. LOL... that isn't even a word.
Anyway, I think I am frustrated at being unable to get as much done as I'd like, probably also tiredness and pregnancy hormones. Blechh.


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