Friday, April 15, 2005

So much has happened today that I don't quite know where to begin.
Usually when you hear someone say something like that, it means you are about to hear about a lot of exciting stuff. That is not true in this case.

Not all that exciting, just kept me really busy, happy, stressed, exhausted, and/or mad...not all at once you understand, but those were my feelings I had today. That is a pretty full day. I am feeling just ready to drop into bed, but I'll go over my day just a bit.

My 20 month old son can open the pantry door (which has a hook and eye safety lock at the top AND a doorknob cover). These things are supposedly child-proof. He can go in there, grab himself a Capri Sun drink pack, take the straw off, take the wrapper off the straw, and poke the straw right into the tiny hole on the drink pouch! Now, I know there are probably kindergarteners who can't do it that well, actually he does it better than I can! I am both impressed and scared about how smart and resourceful he is. LOL! He did this twice today.
Even more impressive that he manages to do this without squeezing the pack and shooting the drink all over the place.

I was lucky that I was able to get a 45 minute nap. I had fallen asleep on the couch and realized when I woke up that I had no idea where my toddler son was! I think I was only asleep for a couple minutes, but it scared me for his safety's sake that I was that sleepy, so I put him in his crib for a nap and I took mine too. He can get into so much trouble in so little time, I get scared that he could get into danger if I fell asleep again. I can't wait for this extreme tiredness to be over with.

I picked up my girls at school because I had a meeting there with a client. It is going to be a gorgeous picture, I hope I will be able to start on it soon. A very nice 25th anniversary gift.

I brought them home, washed some dishes and made some tea, then I was off to a networking meeting. I signed up, so I am a charter member now and signed the charter.
I left there about 8:30 pm, ran by the post office, mailed off about 30 postcards, and got my junk mail of the day from the PO Box.

When I returned home, Laser the Sheltie dog did not bark at me, he saw me through the window and actually looked relieved! I am so glad he is getting more comfortable being here. He has been so good lately. He is quite the snuggler and will actually play with me now. Before, whenever I tried to play with him, he acted confused and scared by it. He would only play with the kids.

The girls (non identical twins, age 11) took my being home as their signal to let the fighting begin. ("let the wild rumpus start!") They save it all for me, I am convinced. The fight was over the TV - DD1 doing homework in front of the TV for some reason, and wanting the TV off, and DD2 wanting the TV on because she was done with her homework and why should DD1 hog all the space in front of the TV and tell her what to do (and so on and so on). The argument hit crescendo with an Avon Mark lip gloss container being smashed on DD2's baby toe by DD1. (hard enough to draw blood). I mean, c'mon Lord give me strength! They are both grounded until April, 2009.

Sigh...I want to draw! Tomorrow I am locking myself away until I get some art done.
My scanner is on the fritz, today it made a knocking sound and the scans I got were horrible.
I am going to give it one more shot tomorrow, and that might be the end for dear Umax Astra 1220p. Luckily, they are not as expensive as they used to be.

Thanks for stopping by - I did warn you that it wouldn't be that exciting, didn't I?
I promised extreme boredom for you and I delivered!

:) Darla

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