Monday, April 04, 2005

People who have websites just don't understand the idea of 'reciprocal linking.'
Now, if you are not a website builder, then of course you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. I will be glad to explain.

Basically, if you link your site to similar other sites, you and the other site will probably both do better in search engine rankings, because to the search engines, your site will appear to be more relevant. In my case, I should link to mostly art sites if I want to come up higher in the rankings of art sites. Look up 'portrait art' on Yahoo Search for example, and you will see where comes up! I would like to come up higher with the search 'pencil portait artists' or 'pencil portraits drawn' ... I can't wait for the search bot to come around, I am practically non-existent on Google so I have been trying to build reciprocal links with other websites to help with that.

Now I am going into my rant phase.... Seems like most days I run into someone who has a site but has no understanding how this works. They want people to pay for placement. Well, that is fine with me, if your site says openly, "These are advertisements," and you have to pay for them. Or the page should say: Patrons, Affiliate Sponsors, Paid Listings, etc. There is absolutely no way I will pay for a LINK. I will pay for an advertisement, but only if it is presented as such.

To present it as a reciprocal link is just wrong. They may call it a donation, but basically it's just selling an ad. It's not a donation if the site is a FOR PROFIT website. If it's a non profit website, then yes, it's a donation and I am fine with it in that case, go for it! But, if you have a FOR profit website and you need to make more money off it, then sell ads but be open about what it is that you are doing. Also, do affiliate linking, such as and

I have also run into artists who have no idea what reciprocal linking IS, and they are usually older artists who have established themselves, but they feel that they have worked so hard to promote their art and their website that they don't want to SHARE it. Almost a direct quote there. That is pretty petty. All I can do is shake my head. Grown people who don't want to share.
I wish artists would trust each other more.

If you look at the Artist Links on my site, you will notice that there are plenty of different artists, even some who do painted portraits, but I don't have any pencil portrait artists.
I do have my own little 'policy' of not linking to other people who do exactly what I do.
In this case, it's not because I don't trust other artists, it's not because I'm afraid of competition, but it's just common sense. Let me ask you, if you went to Coca Cola's website, what would you think if you saw them linking to PepsiCo? Wouldn't you think that was idiotic and actually a bit confusing? I think so too, and that is why I don't link to other pencil portrait artists.

I try to help them in other ways, by a Yahoo group I started, where pencil portrait artists can help each other with tips and support - also sending other group members some commission art jobs that aren't in our area of interest. I have personally sent group members at least 3 jobs so far. I am also available any time a pencil portrait artist wants to email me or call me and ask some advice. So that is how I help. That is how I, a grown woman, am able to share. LOL!

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