Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Our new Sheltie has been doing so well lately with the housebreaking. Oops until this morning.
Man, it is hard to love a dog who keeps going number two in the house! Back to square one.
Bummer. It's kind of like having another baby around...maybe I could take some Pampers and cut a hole in it for his tail? LOL!

On a good note, Little Man (19 months old) just brought me one of his artistic creations in green crayon. Yay, this time, on PAPER not the wall. He is very proud of his artwork. If I could figure out the durn digital camera, I'd share a picture of him holding his artwork. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or just more impatient or what, but I don't have much patience to learn new technology. Yeah, I know, digital cameras have been out for awhile, but I still haven't caught up yet. My husband on the other hand, has worked for TV stations for more than 20 years and he can operate or figure out ANYTHING electronic. Even if it's hard to figure out or we don't have instructions, he will fiddle with it for about 2 minutes and he's mastered the thing.

The girls' new mattresses are coming today from the Original Mattress Factory.
If you have heard their radio ads, I am here to tell you something....their ads tell the truth!
They will give you a good product at a fair price and not try to talk you into a bunch of extra junk you don't really need. To give you an idea, I had shopped around (just like the people in the commercials say!) and compared and received a quote of $522 from Sealy's Mattress Expo (and the mattresses they were offering me weren't even Sealys, but their in-store knock off brand).

I went around the corner to the Original Mattress Factory, expecting a similar price. Their price was $311, that includes the delivery, taking away the old mattresses and boxsprings, and the tax! That is $211 less!

The Sealy Mattress Expo also offered a dust mite blocking, waterproof mattress cover for $65 EACH. I went to Kohls and found a better product, made by 3M with polypropylene backing that zips and covers the entire mattress, for $30 I was able to get 2 for less than just one at the mattress store.

Waiting again for toddler naptime so I can get some art done!

Yesterday I had some good news yesterday from Atlanta Wedding Ideas. Since I have an ad with them, I also receive free leads, and I was able to download about 275 names and addresses into Excel. I won't use all of them, but will target certain ones that I feel are the right demographics for me.

I also got a lot of my Mompack fillers set up, packed up, and ready to be sent out.
I addressed a lot of postcards. I am able to do marketing work while the toddler is about, but I'm afraid to try to do artwork then, because he'll come up and grab at it, makes me too nervous!

Well it is time to fix the kid's breakfast and my own.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you have a nice day!

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