Friday, April 08, 2005

I finally got the scanner settings figured out to get a halfway decent scan of an age regression colored pencil portait I'm doing for a client.

This is the one I've mentioned here before...the girl is age 10 and I'm drawing her as she might have appeared at age 4 or 5. I may have gone a bit cutesy with her pigtails, but I definitely have the sparkle of her eyes and her mischievous (in a nice way) smile down. I know I have the human element right when I just want to hug the kid in the picture - so cute! But, as always, I am still frustrated by my artwork never scanning or being photographed to do it justice.

If I could just show you my artworks in person, you'd say, 'wow, you're right - they are much better looking in person than they are on your site!' I could send each piece off to my art printer to have them professionally drum scanned, but then that would cost $95 plus mailing for each one, just for the scanning - and that would be passed on to my clients and I'm not going to do that.

I'm going to go now and get that preview emailed to the client..the nervousness presents itself again, I might have to fight the urge to play a few rounds of Bejeweled!


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