Monday, December 20, 2004

We had some snow flurries yesterday. Nothing big enough to stick on the ground, but pretty cool to see anyway. I have to admit that even I got excited like a little kid about it.
Maybe we will get some more today that will stick. You'd think I got enough of snow, growing up in Michigan - but I do miss it - sometimes, and I'd love for my kids to have fun out in the snow.

DH started a fire (no, it wasn't arson). We do have a fireplace.
It was nice. Explained to DS (the 16 month old) that fire is hot, don't touch, etc, etc.

We finally went out and bought a Christmas tree. It has kind of a citrus smell to it, and has soft branches. We thought it would be the safest with a toddler running around. We put only plastic ornaments a the bottom where DH can reach. He loves to take off the ornaments. Our tree is now only decorated from the middle up. Bare at the bottom half! Oh well.

I spent a lot of yesterday just doing housework (exciting, huh?) But teaching DD1 and DD2 how to do things, and the management/supervision/follow-up is sometimes more work than if I just did it all myself! But they need to learn how to do these things. So, the laundry is almost all done - for the time being. Can you imagine how much laundry a family of five accumulates? It's horrendous. I'm surprised I don't have nightmares about laundry attacking me.

I did work on SW's portrait, almost done...just some more work on the hair and the background, and her lacy collar. That is going to be very delicate and pretty. DD2 decided she would like to try also, so she also did a sketch of SW. She is quite the lil arteeste...I think I will get her a drawing notebook and a good quality set of pencils/erasers/etc for Christmas. I don't know if it's a gift for her or for me, will keep her out of my pencils! She needs her own to take care of, and some that she has the freedom to just explore her art skills without borrowing.

After that, I suddenly remembered a tray of chocolate macaroon cookies I had bought at the grocery store yesterday. Luckily, it's winter and not summer right now. If it was summer, then the cookies would be goo, but since it's been cold, the cookies were nicely refrigerated out in the car. Took a quick family poll: "Hey, I bought these for Christmas, but we can have them now if y'all want." Can you guess what the answer was? That's right. We chowed down. They were really good. Christmas comes but once a year, so let's be merry. The diet will start after Christmas.

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