Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Today I've been taking Robitussin, vitamins, water, chowing down on oranges! Still working on the laundry and doing catch-up housework.

I learned a lot of things while I was laid out. One thing's for dang-certain, DD2 (age 11) MUST learn how to pick up after herself! I told her she'll never be able to run away from home because we could always track her down. She leaves a trail EVERYWHERE she goes. Just a quick walk around the house and I can tell her "Hey, you had a peanut butter sandwich, a chocolate milk, then you played with one of your Christmas presents." Then I enjoy the look of shock on her face. She thinks I could be on CSI, but sadly I'm not all that brilliant - the evidence she leaves behind is pretty obvious.

Trail of Evidence:

Peanut butter sandwich: Bread package left open on counter, bread practically falling out onto the floor. Peanut butter container left open on counter with knife sticking up in it. Crumbs all over the counter.

Chocolate Milk: Chocolate milk drippings on counter. Empty glass left in living room with chocolate milk residue on it.

Opened a present: Tags from gift and clear cellophane wrap left in bits on counter. Scissors left out, not put back.

This is just an example, but it is getting so tiresome. She just needs to learn to put things back AS she goes. Any tips? I will take any advice.

I was able to call three clients today while DS napped. He is coughing and I think he has a sore throat so I've started giving him a Pediatric version of Robitussin (no alcohol in it, seems to work!)

I am so ready for us all to get over this stuff! I am going to be even more militant about the handwashing around this house! I already Lysol the doorknobs and lightwitches. Any advice on that would also be helpful...how to keep the germs out in the first place, when you have two school aged kids.

Received good news today, my site is going to be a Featured PayPal Shop sometime this week. This will make the third time for me. It always gets me really busy. My site will get tons of hits.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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