Sunday, December 26, 2004

I have the flu for the second time this year. Unbelievable! DD2 is also sick.
I have been running a 100-101 fever today.

We just got back from taking care of our neighbor's dogs, Beau and Booger.
Beau is a furry black lab mix, and Booger is a female black poodle/cairn/something or other mix.
Booger has 'issues.' She often thinks she's the Alpha Male of the household, bosses around all the larger dogs. The family also has a 'puppy' Bull Mastiff --he is in dog daycare at the vet. He's a real handful, but very cute. His name is Bruiser. He is HUGE. He would knock me down if he was at the house, so I'm glad he's at the veterinarian.

Booger cried and cried when we left. She likes me, but can't stand kids.

Well my house is a wreck, the couch is FULL of laundry, but at least it's clean laundry. I will get caught up on things tomorrow hopefully.


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